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  • Débora
    Débora22 jam yang lalu

    Verdade as vezes eu enlouqueço,e depois vem a culpa e a tristeza

  • margarida barcelos
    margarida barcelos22 jam yang lalu

    A mulher ainda é vista como um objeto nessa sociedade, por isso essa necessidade de tentar agradar todo mundo, e tudo começa na aparência que já é tão cobrada e quando essas situações envolvem alguém que a mulher ama/gosta se torna muito mais difícil largar

  • Juan Carlos Herrera Berrio
    Juan Carlos Herrera Berrio22 jam yang lalu

    MUY bien

  • Maria joisele Gonçalves
    Maria joisele Gonçalves22 jam yang lalu

    Li seu livro..amei

  • V Khor
    V Khor22 jam yang lalu

    Thank You for the talk. I also observe as a women that "some" people * both men and women, somehow switch off when the high tone voice is used, perhaps it reminds ourselves of a crying baby or a screaming human, and sometimes it is associated with trauma, and a low tone voice is associated with masculinity and stability * my opinion. Don't delete your pod cast. There are audio apps and software to lower the pitch without you having to change the way you speak.

  • Du ka
    Du ka22 jam yang lalu

    I can't agree that Korean culture drove the tragedy. This is not about Korean culture but wrong guidance from teachers and captain. No one mentioned about culture has impact on this incident. I see the speaker's comments is based on personal experience who has been grown up in Korean family in overseas. Those who Korean family in overseas are known to strongly insist old life style to keep legacy. That tendency is much more stronger that Korean real society. Recent Korea society has different culture comparing the speaker's mention. The talk is must be modified as it can make correct logic leading misunderstanding.

  • sinjan neupane
    sinjan neupane22 jam yang lalu

    Very nice sir

  • Valeria Cervini
    Valeria Cervini22 jam yang lalu

    WOW 95 porciento negativo en paz me quedo xq la verdad gracias x está enseñanza .

  • Hiram López
    Hiram López22 jam yang lalu


  • Oh no it’s a fuzzy
    Oh no it’s a fuzzy22 jam yang lalu

    The song pumped up kicks is based off how sometimes people can just snap after being abused and treated poorly

  • Satoshi Fury
    Satoshi Fury22 jam yang lalu

    i’d love to meet this lady, im Chaldean and have been compelled by this stuff for about 3-4 years now... some day I will have an independant team of archeologists, and we will work tirelessly in the search for truth

  • Oh no it’s a fuzzy
    Oh no it’s a fuzzy22 jam yang lalu

    I just searched up the school shooting rate in my area and oh god it’s bad

  • Patrick Galvin
    Patrick Galvin22 jam yang lalu

    Jeff, thanks for sharing your thoughts so eloquently. They reminded me a great quote from Andy Warhol who said "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." I admire how you've helped people make positive changes in their lives.

  • Ifeedchickens
    Ifeedchickens22 jam yang lalu

    i think id rather have a traumatic brain injury than be a child of divorce

  • pujan simkhada
    pujan simkhada22 jam yang lalu

    Thank you sir for your motivation video

  • Niek Van wensen
    Niek Van wensen22 jam yang lalu

    Why tf does feminism still exist why don’t we just make it “equalism”, cuz that’s what those extreme feminists say it’s all about right? Equality, not more rights for women as if men live the perfect life with no troubles and restrictions

  • Drandorn
    Drandorn22 jam yang lalu

    Second comment let’s go

  • Mz K
    Mz K22 jam yang lalu

    My beloved cat of 18 SeAnn was very ill and I was preparing myself to loose her. She was my gal. I had peace about it. Then suddenly my yorkie Lyttles aka Mr Smallz fell ill with congestive heart failure. Never even had a symptom prior to collapsing. He survived 20 days as I struggled to save him by vet visit after vet visit. My heart was broken. Then SeAnn took a turn for the worse and I lost her shortly after.... Two in a short span of time. Its been 6 months and I'm still grieving. I have vids of him and SeAnn on my channel. Mr Smallz was the cutest boy ever...I want him back.

  • miriam graciela perez
    miriam graciela perez22 jam yang lalu


  • Louis Kirkwood
    Louis Kirkwood22 jam yang lalu

    Gut wrenching....

  • GuyOnYouTube
    GuyOnYouTube23 jam yang lalu

    Feminism is a social cancer. It's toxic to male-female relationships

  • Luisito no comunica
    Luisito no comunica23 jam yang lalu

    Wow lo peor es que justo estoy tomando una capacitación de funcionario de casilla para las elecciones de diputados de mi país y nos pusieron varios videos donde se nos explica que hacer y había un apartado donde decía que no había que discriminar a personas discapacitadas y más adelante que no había que discriminar a mujeres. Y yo me quedé asi de WOW a esto hemos llegado? Comparando a mujeres con discapacitados sin razón alguna? Además que clase de inútil tienes que ser para discriminar a la mitad de la población? Ni siquiera tiene lógica

  • King Brantley
    King Brantley23 jam yang lalu

    Any and all solutions, please. We need action now!

  • Brian Rajala
    Brian Rajala23 jam yang lalu

    Exactly! But, I once reported to a female version of Joseph Stalin, except she did not have Gulags though she would have used them freely.

  • Chris jones
    Chris jones23 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Ronz Bronz
    Ronz Bronz23 jam yang lalu

    Thanks Man!!!

  • Alexander Hardie
    Alexander Hardie23 jam yang lalu

    This guy still has some unresolved anger going on. Dude, scares me.

  • Surfing Minimalist
    Surfing Minimalist23 jam yang lalu

    Is this dude for real? How embarrassing...

  • Software Enterprise
    Software Enterprise23 jam yang lalu

    This changed my mindset, just the push I needed...💯 now I'm really gonna conquer 💪

  • Patricio Da Silva
    Patricio Da Silva23 jam yang lalu

    Any kind of Rocket or anyting traveling up to the speed of light is still too damn slow warping space time is the only way we're going to do it

  • Oscar Ríos
    Oscar Ríos23 jam yang lalu

    Gracias a este niño, a ver si hay gente que se ponga a reflexionar, y no se quejen de sus hijos, y aprendan a tener humildad para dirigirse con ellos y pedir ayuda a gente profesional y no les dé pena ni vergüenza. Quisieron tener hijos así que TIENEN TODA la OBLIGACIÓN de informarse y PEDIR AYUDA si es necesario para ver como dirigirse a hablar con su hijo o sobrino de entre 10 y/o 18 años, para que haya una excelente relación en las dos partes.

  • john voss
    john voss23 jam yang lalu

    In 1962-64, I was on an ICBM crew with a 4 mega ton nuclear bomb. We could have launched this weapon in less than 30 minutes. I am in awe of my responsibility at that time. During the Cuban crisis we came very close to destroying the earth. It is very sobering to think about now.

  • Rozeta Studio’s
    Rozeta Studio’s23 jam yang lalu

    Can we please start a SaveGenZ movement I know that it’s a bit crazy but We don’t really need all this hate just please try to educate people on how it is and stand you for yourself do t let this happen to Gen Alpha other generations please stop.

  • Peter Murphy
    Peter Murphy23 jam yang lalu


  • 김영옥
    김영옥23 jam yang lalu

    너무귀엽다. , 이런아들키우고싶다

  • Jack Benns
    Jack Benns23 jam yang lalu

    I envy your desire and power to live, I am genuinely in awe of your drive and resilience.

  • Vijay Sambhor
    Vijay Sambhor23 jam yang lalu

    Thoughts & perspectives well articulated

  • Positive and Healthy
    Positive and Healthy23 jam yang lalu

    Daily gratitude is a game changer. Practicing it at the start of each day sets your state to be a peak performer!

  • Genie Craff
    Genie Craff23 jam yang lalu

    Excellent Information. Need this now and will use IT!

  • Ruth Limon
    Ruth Limon23 jam yang lalu

    El divorcio de tus papás no fue trágico, tu mamá obtuvo el mejor contrato de sus vidas y divorcio le dió más $$$

  • Surender Singal
    Surender Singal23 jam yang lalu

    Your comment that it is the responsibity of ours to spread " Do good" ideas. It is far out statement worthy of admiration. Jussojuan

  • se7ensnakes
    se7ensnakes23 jam yang lalu

    How do loans work: 1) You sign a promissory note. The banks uses the promissory note as a check and deposits a this check (promissory note) into a transaction account. 2) The bank, once it deposits the promissory note, now writes a check against that account and gives you the check. 3) The bank does not use any of its inventory to finance your house 4) The bank does not use any deposits or excess reserves. Fractional reserve lending was debunked decades ago. 5) The bank does not use any investor's money to finance your house 6) The bank does not use any money from the government to finance your house 7) The bank creates the money based on your signature of the promissory note. This is why in the promissory note the bank does not promise you anything. You, the signer, make all the promises. All the Bank does is write: "FOR VALUE RECEIVED" and then it has an amount you need to pay back. You assume that the bank gave you the money and that the value received is that money. 😎 As you pay back the "loan" the promissory note has less and less value until the promissory note is paid off and it no longer has any value. 9) If the signer dont pay back the loan the banks does a "CHARGE-OFF" and writes the delinquent cost off its balance sheet, to supposedly save taxes. The bank now is said to absorb the lost as an expense. Would like to see evidence of this. 10) There are few unanswered questions. What happened in the bank bailout. Did they get bailout and get to foreclose the homes? What happens when the promissory note is sold to wall street for investment purposes? What happens to the bank's general reserves if it goes negative? Why did the banks did the liars loans if it knows that this will cause a hardship to them? Why is this not explained in the on the mortgage signing? Why is this not taught in schools?

  • Oscar Ríos
    Oscar Ríos23 jam yang lalu

    Bravo a ese niño

  • Marinaldo Silva Castro
    Marinaldo Silva Castro23 jam yang lalu

    Fernando vc É top Parábes por mim ajudar

  • RONNALDO Ronaldo
    RONNALDO Ronaldo23 jam yang lalu

    Sou novo no ramos de futebol mais realmente o Fernando verchai manda muito bem se tratando de futebol

  • Marinaldo Silva Castro
    Marinaldo Silva Castro23 jam yang lalu

    Melhor mercado de investimento que já investi parabéns vercha

  • Davide Feletti
    Davide Feletti23 jam yang lalu

    Vai a votare nei paesi islamici...

  • Euri/Faz/Tudo/ projetos
    Euri/Faz/Tudo/ projetos23 jam yang lalu

    100% confiável ..melhor do mundo

  • Hannah Victoria
    Hannah Victoria23 jam yang lalu

    I didn't know that someone may even think of leaving out Math as an optional subject! Sound like nonsense!

  • A B
    A B23 jam yang lalu

    I find that the more houses/apartments one hoards, the less and less they see housing as a right. When their major form of wealth comes from exploiting people through housing as a commodity, they are violently frothing at the mouth opposed to housing as a right. No different than a dictator tyrant hungry with power and control.

  • Davide Feletti
    Davide Feletti23 jam yang lalu

    Solo uno spot commerciale.Usare la fede per fare businnes...a me non mi fregano...odio i bugiardi. E il loro capo ne era davvero maestro 👏👏👏

  • SNG Productions
    SNG Productions23 jam yang lalu

    Talented man,I like

  • SNG Productions
    SNG Productions23 jam yang lalu

    Mind blowing man👌

  • rajan kumar
    rajan kumar23 jam yang lalu

    Good job

  • Pierre Villeneu
    Pierre Villeneu23 jam yang lalu

    What a bright and authentic speaker this gentleman is :)

  • SammyPlaysGames
    SammyPlaysGames23 jam yang lalu


  • Jennyfer Cifuentes
    Jennyfer Cifuentes23 jam yang lalu

    Muy bueno 💕

  • Aline M
    Aline M23 jam yang lalu


  • Evening Knife
    Evening Knife23 jam yang lalu

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  • Nati H
    Nati H23 jam yang lalu

    I am drowning in tears and feelings. I still love him like crazy, but he doesnt feel that way anymore. Which is ok, I cant force him to love me. I dont know what to do and dont want to move on. I have been in a few relationships, but this one was the best(no heartbreak or just a little). I really felt love, a strong bond. And now everything is lost. That complicity is lost. I miss giving him the love that flourished out of my soul.

  • Larry Gribaudo
    Larry Gribaudo23 jam yang lalu

    Believe the gospel for salvation or the wrath of God. The gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and read Romans 5:9 &10:9-10 Use the KJV bible. "Where will you spend eternity?"

  • Jude Blyth
    Jude Blyth23 jam yang lalu

    When I opened this I thought 'Another rags to riches through the power of your mind' talk but I really appreciated the angle of looking at how we all know what is good and best for us, yet we can't seem to over come it. Pleasantly surprised! Thank you!

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez23 jam yang lalu

    Que lástima que utilice un lenguaje vulgar tal vez para hacerlo coloquial, no era necesario, buen tema y buena intención

  • Cymru Cymru
    Cymru Cymru23 jam yang lalu

    I love this, and your youtube channel. You have helped me immensely!

  • Amber Scott CMT
    Amber Scott CMT23 jam yang lalu

    Heck yes! I've been telling the 12 steppers the disease model is outdated for a couple years now. I could never swallow the disease model version. I had settled on it being a response to trauma and I still believe that's correct, but the switching of brain states just takes my theory to a whole nutha level. This is supremely cool. 😎

  • Ifeanyi Eze
    Ifeanyi Eze23 jam yang lalu

    Nuhu Ribadu... Thanks for all you did. "If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back at you." - Friedrich Neitzsche. Ihe nkea o rice.

  • egoitz  àlvaro
    egoitz àlvaro23 jam yang lalu

    Gracias por este video, debo decir que después de mi experiencia rentable con María puedo decir con valentía que la inversión en Bitcoin es rentable si tiene una pauta ganadora.

  • Almudena maya
    Almudena maya22 jam yang lalu

    Nada es mejor que ser bueno, esta misma Sra. Maria en todas partes, muchas gracias por todo, Sra. Maria, realmente hizo que el comercio de Bitcoin fuera muy rentable y fácil.

  • egoitz  àlvaro
    egoitz àlvaro23 jam yang lalu

    @Nathan Williams Una experiencia con María te convencerá y nunca te arrepentirás

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams23 jam yang lalu

    @egoitz àlvaro ¿Estás diciendo que es muy buena en lo que respecta al comercio y que también es una profesional?

  • egoitz  àlvaro
    egoitz àlvaro23 jam yang lalu

    @Nathan Williams W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P.. +3=5=7=9=6=0=6=5=0=8=4

  • Xavier diego
    Xavier diego23 jam yang lalu

    Invertí con ella y obtuve mis ganancias, su consistencia al hacerlo se destaca de otros comerciantes de bitcoins.

  • Anne Rossiter
    Anne Rossiter23 jam yang lalu

    This lady should think about starting to record some fairy tales, such a wonderful voice that made me relax so very much. Perhaps she should make audio books on the importance of understanding and acceptance!

  • Tabitha Nesbitt
    Tabitha Nesbitt23 jam yang lalu

    The sweet blast.. nothing has ever made more sense than that metaphor of cotton candy accomplishments.

  • Marijanio Cobe
    Marijanio Cobe23 jam yang lalu

    O melhor do brasil sem dúvida...

  • oportunidades de negócios
    oportunidades de negócios23 jam yang lalu

    Estou no começo, porém muito confiante.

  • Berto Flanigan
    Berto Flanigan23 jam yang lalu

    Thank You

  • onkofd hilaac
    onkofd hilaac23 jam yang lalu

    Thank god my mom was so good and raised me to be a boy

  • Afsah Nasir
    Afsah Nasir23 jam yang lalu

    Learn about Islam.

  • FMS Ltd
    FMS Ltd23 jam yang lalu

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  • Fredy Medina
    Fredy Medina23 jam yang lalu

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  • Jeff Hennore
    Jeff Hennore23 jam yang lalu

    Great info! Looking forward to interacting with friends and family more now that restrictions are being lifted 😊

  • Adrian Cerina Kordic
    Adrian Cerina Kordic23 jam yang lalu

    Most the gen z kids i know don't study at all and have a lot of free time because of it,giving them a normal childhood, non antisocial and awkward insted of an education in a very abusive system in its core(school). These a deeper problem to it but she's 15,at 15 i was worried about girls and didn't think twice.