Zedd, Griff - Inside Out (Lyric Video)


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Inside Out Lyrics:
We stayed up all night
Talking to each other, whispers under covers
You told me your life, wasn't always easy I said I know the feeling
I told you all about the scar on my shoulder
And you told me you’re terrified of getting older
We stayed up all night
The first night, of a million more ‘cause
I'm gonna love you love you inside out, i'm gonna love you love you inside out
Nothing you say is gonna scare me now, still gonna love you love you inside out
I'm gonna love you love you inside out, i'm gonna love you love you inside out
Nothing you say is gonna scare me now, still gonna love you love you inside out
Ooh ooh ooh, inside out
We laughed til we cried, made fun of each other, lost in one another
You held me so tight, and it felt like I was home just the two of us alone
Ya said you don't wanna end up like your parents
I said don’t you worry, I’m not gonna let us
We stayed up all night
The first night, of a million more ‘cause
I'm gonna love you love you inside out, i'm gonna love you love you inside out
Nothing you say is gonna scare me now, still gonna love you love you inside out
Ooh ooh ooh, inside out
So what do you say babe, ‘cause I wanna know
Can I be there babe, through your highs and lows
When the lights come off, and the night is done
Everybody’s left, can I be the one
If it’s all I do, I’m gonna love you love .. ohh ohh ohh
I'm gonna love you love you inside out, I'm gonna love you love you inside out
Nothing you say is gonna scare me now, still gonna love you love you inside out
#Zedd #Griff #InsideOutLyrics
Music video by Zedd, Griff performing Inside Out (Lyric Video). © 2020 Interscope Records


  • John Doe
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    kind of a more upbeat mix of the "mmmmh whatcha saaaaay" vibe lmao

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  • Rosyana catur
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    This is a great song

  • Lucy linney
    Lucy linneyHari Yang lalu

    I know I’m a little late to the party but I love the message this song gives out. So many songs are about breakups, infidelity, giving up on each other. But I’ve always been taught loving someone is both a feeling and a choice, and I feel like this song sort of reminds us all of that. If it’s a friend, an s/o, any kind of relationship, it’s not always easy to love someone after seeing the deepest darkest parts of them. But at the end of the day it’s worth it. Because that’s your person

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