The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | Forces of Nature with Brian Cox - BBC


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The spectacular sight of mountain goats defying gravity on a vertical dam wall in Italy, and all because they are have a craving for some of Earth's elements essential to life.
Professor Brian Cox combines some of the most spectacular sights on Earth with our deepest understanding of the universe to reveal how the planet's beauty is created by just a handful of forces.
Forces of Nature with Brian Cox | Series 1 Episode 3 | BBC
#ForcesofNaturewithBrianCox #MountainGoats #BBC
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  • BBC
    BBCTahun Yang lalu

    If you thought that was nailbiting, what about a baby Ibex running down a near vertical mountain to escape a fox? 👉 👈

  • Tatjana Ardalic

    Tatjana Ardalic

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  • Douglas Parkinson

    Douglas Parkinson

    7 hari yang lalu

    @Johnathan Schoenborn you are wrong. compounds are molecules. also, the narrator would know. proffessor brian edward cox has several degrees and doctorates and such forth in physics and a few in chemistry as well.

  • Daouda Maiga

    Daouda Maiga

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    ♥️ 🇮🇶 ♥️



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  • Dirk Michiels
    Dirk Michiels17 menit yang lalu

    there's a grill-restaurant just at the bottom serving everyday fresh grilled goat

  • Patrick Loudin
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  • mike law
    mike lawJam Yang lalu

    wish them all the best.

  • kadi kadi
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  • Doug G
    Doug G2 jam yang lalu

    Put some damn salt lick blocks down there man ! Haha

  • jose angel hernandez delgado
    jose angel hernandez delgado2 jam yang lalu

    Simplemente espectacular aunque me duele el corazón que los animales tengan que hacer eso y arriesgarse la vida porque ser humano les corta el agua pero no deja por eso de ser espectacular

  • Conor Niggregor
    Conor Niggregor3 jam yang lalu

    The least yall could do is throw some damn mortons on the ground for em

  • Loxuni
    Loxuni3 jam yang lalu

    And here I am feeling guilty about having tons of salt at the kitchen

  • Fisher Brenstuhl
    Fisher Brenstuhl4 jam yang lalu

    If you didn’t notice, they shouldn’t have to do this.

  • Rollie Field
    Rollie Field4 jam yang lalu

    Are they crazy?

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  • bharat jadhav
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  • Sergeant Seven
    Sergeant Seven4 jam yang lalu

    I mean, they are basically goats, and goats are pretty stupid and will do anything to eat garbage sooooo...

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry5 jam yang lalu

    This makes my hands sweat.

  • Shane Allison
    Shane Allison5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if one fell

  • Constance Ackerman
    Constance Ackerman5 jam yang lalu

    They're amazing

  • Glenn RN
    Glenn RN5 jam yang lalu

    someone teach them to lick their perspiration instead hehee

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    sam CENTER6 jam yang lalu

    Thank God for your greatness 🐐🍀

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    Ayazgarden6 jam yang lalu

    So nice of you

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    abdul jabbar khan6 jam yang lalu

    The Arabic proverb "Man Jadda, Wa Jadada" Jo koshish karta hai, pa leta hai...The one who continously does it, will achieve it.

  • Kim Oanh 400k Vào Timbanvn xyz
    Kim Oanh 400k Vào Timbanvn xyz7 jam yang lalu

    03:53 Cuộc đời này chắc chắn không như ý anh muốn, vậy em sẽ như ý anh muốn. 🐆

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  • Wakka Boi
    Wakka Boi7 jam yang lalu

    I played enough GTA San Andreas to know how this works.

  • Brodee Mcmurrich
    Brodee Mcmurrich7 jam yang lalu

    Omg so cool

  • 3xtra Terrestrial
    3xtra Terrestrial7 jam yang lalu

    Legend has it that Alex Honnald is an Ibex.

  • Rick Daniel
    Rick Daniel8 jam yang lalu

    Lets get this salt

  • Liton Talukder
    Liton Talukder8 jam yang lalu

    Incredible! How is it possible!!

  • J Casey
    J Casey8 jam yang lalu

    How do they know there is salt that far up ?

  • Hk 4lyfe
    Hk 4lyfe8 jam yang lalu

    If you ever feel lame as a species, just remember, no you may not be able to climb a wall like that but you are watching it on the internet, which we built :) Take that stupid Spiderman goats.

  • John A
    John A9 jam yang lalu

    I found myself laughing watching this. And, they don't have to do this!

  • God's Commandments Are Truth Isaiah 8:20
    God's Commandments Are Truth Isaiah 8:209 jam yang lalu

    2:24... the 'whoa' shot.

  • dunkin doobing
    dunkin doobing9 jam yang lalu

    Get them a salt lick

  • curly hum
    curly hum10 jam yang lalu

    arrest them

  • Philip Hunt
    Philip Hunt10 jam yang lalu

    Well I’ll be dammed.

  • Casparoll
    Casparoll11 jam yang lalu

    Alex honnald is goat that's what brought me here :D

  • Uncle Kyle
    Uncle Kyle11 jam yang lalu

    Are y’all’s feet sweating watching this too? These Ibex are savage

  • Nathan Swift
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  • D E
    D E13 jam yang lalu

    Who’s idea was it to put the sound of a dog whistle in the background?

  • EmuBench
    EmuBench14 jam yang lalu

    I can't even climb out of bed...

  • lean theactivis
    lean theactivis14 jam yang lalu

    Literally living life on the Edge 😔

  • Philipp
    Philipp14 jam yang lalu

    Amazing ......👍❤️!

  • Brian Roiger
    Brian Roiger14 jam yang lalu

    How is this even possible, is this the beginning of fake news??

  • Francisco
    Francisco14 jam yang lalu

    And why don't these people keep some water available for the ibex at the bottom of the dam?

  • e & e
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  • Christian Grey
    Christian Grey15 jam yang lalu

    thats so awesome and I more and more am finding myself with the urge to devote myself to animals, and stopping deforestation, the whole shabang. We need to put a stop to the WHALE MASSACRES happening in Japan. They are incredibly loving and smart creatures. They trap and slaughter the whales and dolphins, many of which are pregnant.

  • jamileh ghadi
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  • med109
    med10916 jam yang lalu

    Maybe sometime can clear this up for me. The title/description of this video says the ibex defy gravity by climbing a dam. The video clearly shows them climbing the dam. But the narrator says the desire for salt and minerals is so strong that they will "scale it down to get it" is it just a bad translation or mistake?

  • Liam Lennox
    Liam Lennox17 jam yang lalu

    Any need for the stupid music in the background?

  • bijay Bhujel
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  • Recommend - URJ′NOT
    Recommend - URJ′NOT18 jam yang lalu

    Mountaineers - rope, boots, safety waist, camp..... Goat - we don't do that here

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    futbol bilgisi18 jam yang lalu

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    Horses in Skyrim: *_"Allow us to introduce ourselves."_*

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    Careful😵😵 watch your step.

  • Total Rekall
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    What do you want for your birthday little Johnny? "I want an ibex."

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    Capricorn ♑

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    WC19 jam yang lalu

    The miracle of life is breathtaking.

    JLAD FORTNITE19 jam yang lalu

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  • Ismail Sadiqov
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  • angelastarling
    angelastarling20 jam yang lalu

    Couldn't they just put some mineral blocks out for them? It would save on the wear and tear of the dam. And... thats an Ibex? They look like my goats.

  • Ethel Porter
    Ethel Porter20 jam yang lalu

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    WoW amazing

  • Jonatan Carmi
    Jonatan Carmi21 jam yang lalu

    What a beautiful music at the end of the video. Title?

  • Eastern Outdoor Adventures
    Eastern Outdoor Adventures21 jam yang lalu

    *isaac Newton passed out*

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    OMG, all that for salt! LOL

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    Tanveer loves Madhuri❤️

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    Now this hoat is better than a trained military guy against 2 rocks

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    Qualche italiano?

  • Siphelele Sibisi
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    My anxiety while watching them climb: 📈📈📈📈📈

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    Seen before. Here after almost 4-5 years.

    ELİT BİLGİHari Yang lalu

    Amazing, interesting

  • adix
    adixHari Yang lalu

    ID-get : Hey would you like to watch an ibex climb a dam 144 m (people) : Yeah sure

  • RK Singh
    RK SinghHari Yang lalu

    The height leaves me dizzy

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  • Game Pros
    Game ProsHari Yang lalu

    Subhanallah oh my gosh how genius they are and fearless.

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    Subhan AnsariHari Yang lalu

    Markhor Pakistan isi 🇵🇰

  • Michael Stringfellow
    Michael StringfellowHari Yang lalu

    How do they know the salt is up there? Can they smell it or something?

  • Avisek Roy
    Avisek RoyHari Yang lalu

    Bruce Wayne should have seen this. It'd have made his climb so much easier.

    THE ARABIAN WOLFHari Yang lalu

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  • 30. Md Areeb
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    This maybe the inspiration of batman to get climb out of pit without rope😎

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