Restoration REBEL 125 CC | Repair Frames Up KAWASAKI Z1000RR

Restoration REBEL 125 CC | Repair Frames Up Z1000RR
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    Nxt part pls

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    Why..?! Why paint Disc rotor?

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    Flame kizar

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    Effective a@

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    Bro my dad favorate bike Hero Honda CD DAWN solo 2002/2003 model just 3 week ago is not working properly and please help me restoration with the new gift of my dad

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    Good job so far 👍

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    Bro cc is only 125 but this bike sound is superbike wow how to?

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    Seu vídeo ficou excelente , muito bom mesmo . like

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    May b I'm the only one who skips to final product without watching full video 😅

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    Excuse me for asking this question, but why paint a brake caliper?

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    This guy have more skills than to many of the haters here

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    wow what the fuck are you doing spraying the disc brakes you don't spray them like that really frustrated me watching this 😡👎

  • kirsty ohare
    kirsty ohare24 hari yang lalu

    Wait no primer before you paint not sure that's right paint wont last long

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    What's the kawasaki story in this??? Really I don't know about

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    PIYUSH KANDALKAR26 hari yang lalu

    Great work. But coloured disk brakes doesn't makes sense.

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  • Jun Balbuena
    Jun Balbuena27 hari yang lalu

    No one can stop him at painting! Haha nice job, you even paint that disc plates and painted the stem of shock absorber, it'll leak after it plays🤣 you're mad🤣

    KENCANG KENDOR27 hari yang lalu

    Top restorasi

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    Hari sekhar Nadimimti27 hari yang lalu

    Super excellent

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    Who paints the brake rotors & shock tube??🙄 cheap restoration won't last a month

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    Bad Attitude28 hari yang lalu

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