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  • park chanyeol
    park chanyeol2 menit yang lalu

    bom dms

  • fiza soomro
    fiza soomro27 menit yang lalu

    Unpopular fact: Sungchan is the only virgo in the whole NCT:)

  • I nnocent
    I nnocent37 menit yang lalu

    야이거 미친놈(ex)이네...... 누구는내가미쳤대 예스... 1.25배 연속재생하면 손이 마크리 랩만큼 빨라진다 노동요계의 이데아 탄생이다...

  • Matilda Khundrakpam
    Matilda Khundrakpam39 menit yang lalu

    No like I keep coming back cause it's kinda insane

  • Thais Varas
    Thais VarasJam Yang lalu


  • Suprem capita
    Suprem capitaJam Yang lalu

    Johnny should have more lines. He is very talented 😙

  • Danae Welling
    Danae WellingJam Yang lalu

    Hamilton rap battle vibes

  • y es
    y esJam Yang lalu

    hello if anyone doesn’t mind helping me : i’ve recently gotten into kpop and i really wanna start stanning nct but when i try to it confuses me so much with how many members there are and how many nct groups there is . if anyone is kind enough to tell me what i need to know to stan them i will greatly appreciate it 🥰

  • N10CT
    N10CTJam Yang lalu

    NCTzens! There's less than 7 hours left to vote for NCT U for Make A Wish on Mubeat! It doesn't matter if we win or lose just show your support! :D

  • 148ESTHER
    148ESTHERJam Yang lalu

    PLEASE FOR NCT 127 for the AMA's 2020 Social Artist. U can vote up to 11 times in a row and repeat every day. Thank you for voting and sharing

  • nctlosmascapos
    nctlosmascapos2 jam yang lalu


  • ty track
    ty track2 jam yang lalu

    vote nct on ichamp, AMAS, and MAMA

  • farah
    farah2 jam yang lalu


  • Ainafadhilah Ahmad
    Ainafadhilah Ahmad2 jam yang lalu


  • haha facts XD
    haha facts XD2 jam yang lalu

    My fav part in the song was sungchan's rap. Not because he is the new one or anything like that. I'm genuinely saying I mean idk if it was his accent or the way he lifted his lips and did the rap.

  • Summer Mei
    Summer Mei2 jam yang lalu

    I like rap song and this is amazing!

  • Kizzy Andrews
    Kizzy Andrews2 jam yang lalu

    i love sungchan

  • Miss Chacha
    Miss Chacha3 jam yang lalu

    no one talks about how Taeyong gets into the car at the beginning haha

  • waiting for enhypen debut
    waiting for enhypen debut3 jam yang lalu

    fui nctzen desde que jeno era un feto, por un tiempo no staneaba tanto a nct, pero ahora volví a stanearlos como antes y bro, jENO QUE TE PASA, COMO CRECISTE TANTO EN SOLO CUATRO AÑOS AMOR

  • Sundari Kartika sari
    Sundari Kartika sari3 jam yang lalu

    Everyone: This IS the worst year ever " NCT: sorry but not for us " STAN NCT FOR BETTER LIFE!

  • ACT-one
    ACT-one3 jam yang lalu

    So this is Hip Hop nowadays is it?

  • haydee infantes bailon
    haydee infantes bailon3 jam yang lalu


  • Intania Juniar
    Intania Juniar3 jam yang lalu

    This is BOP

  • Irwan Sshione
    Irwan Sshione3 jam yang lalu

    I'm ready to going up

  • Florencia M
    Florencia M3 jam yang lalu

    voten en los mama

  • silv
    silv4 jam yang lalu

    23m let's goooo~

    HALLANDA SINGARAJA4 jam yang lalu


  • Mas Renjun
    Mas Renjun4 jam yang lalu

    semangatt, ayokk ayok str3am

  • Mas Renjun
    Mas Renjun4 jam yang lalu

    ayokk nctzen jan kasi kendor!

  • anika ฺ。*:・
    anika ฺ。*:・4 jam yang lalu

    sungchan’s rap is addicting

  • Kyungsoo heartheart
    Kyungsoo heartheart4 jam yang lalu

    Czennies vote for NCT on MNET spread this on other platforms as well.

  • An Tong

    An Tong

    2 jam yang lalu

    vote on AMAs too

  • Galuh Tamara Millenia
    Galuh Tamara Millenia5 jam yang lalu

    Greget liat jumlah likesnya

  • spaceships.s
    spaceships.s5 jam yang lalu

    For those of you who wants to see NCT win on MAMA. Please vote and use every account that you have!!

  • 원데이뜨리밀
    원데이뜨리밀5 jam yang lalu

    진짜 이노래... 너무 좋아...

  • Martyna Biedrzyńska
    Martyna Biedrzyńska5 jam yang lalu


  • Wark Lee
    Wark Lee5 jam yang lalu

    Sad because we won't seeing this masterpiece at MAMA

  • saadah adut
    saadah adut5 jam yang lalu


  • oneonly_
    oneonly_5 jam yang lalu


  • Ko Ko Bop
    Ko Ko Bop6 jam yang lalu

    это просто ком

  • killua
    killua6 jam yang lalu

    22.938.110 ayo semangat wayzeuni!

  • Sussana Julia
    Sussana Julia6 jam yang lalu

    Ngape sii vi3 w 3ers gemesin semuaa TT ini udah 22.9

  • Sylly
    Sylly6 jam yang lalu

    Yoooooo , tanggung yok 30M

  • Fairy 21
    Fairy 216 jam yang lalu

    Why jungwoo and ten is not in make a wish or misfit or from home?

  • An Tong

    An Tong

    2 jam yang lalu

    @killua yas they’re in the title tracks of pt 2

  • killua


    6 jam yang lalu

    maybe because of the system, but they are definitely in pt2

  • Student Riyan Shrestha
    Student Riyan Shrestha6 jam yang lalu

    This is a reason why Mark is called the best rapper in NCT

  • An Tong

    An Tong

    2 jam yang lalu

    he’s definitely one of the best idol rappers in this decade

  • ratri bulan
    ratri bulan6 jam yang lalu

    no doubt their talent. God, i their love😭

  • Weeeyy
    Weeeyy6 jam yang lalu

    Dont know why but I can see the image of Hypmic here....

  • halime yarımdag
    halime yarımdag7 jam yang lalu

    Sungchan is perfect and cutieeee

  • rose
    rose7 jam yang lalu

    0:59 me to kpop haters

    MONA ALMUTAIRI7 jam yang lalu


  • National Childbirth Trust
    National Childbirth Trust7 jam yang lalu

    Please vote for NCT everywhere you can. Don't be lazy 😭

  • N10CT
    N10CT7 jam yang lalu

    Less than 13 hours left to vote for NCT U's Make A Wish for Mubeat app's "Show! Music Core Global Voting category"!

  • ღೃ*
    ღೃ*8 jam yang lalu

    ATTENTION NCTZENS ! NCT has been nominated in MAMA 2020 for Artist of the Year, Best Male Group and Worldwide Fan's Choice !!! let’s give them a win they deserve vote here :

  • Setnayeshc b
    Setnayeshc b8 jam yang lalu

    GUYS GO VOTE FOR NCT THEY WORKED SO HARD IN 2020 AND THEY REALLY NEED A WIN LETS SHOW HATERS OUR POWER For those of you who dont know how to vote: 1)go to mwave website 2)click on the three lines on the top right of the page 3)click on MAMA 4) then go to MAMA 2020 5)click on go to vote 6)you will be shown instructions on how to vote and will be prompted to sign in! Hopefully this helps

  • Fansiska L
    Fansiska L8 jam yang lalu

    They both do well, and i really enjoying Hendery part.. Too coll🥺💚

  • asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl8 jam yang lalu

    Apa cuma gw doang luruzen disini yang vote keluarga SM + Secret Number wkwkwk

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower9 jam yang lalu


  • Freya Gabriella
    Freya Gabriella10 jam yang lalu


  • saadah adut
    saadah adut10 jam yang lalu

    Like nya gereget :)

  • Your princess
    Your princess10 jam yang lalu


  • spread happiness

    spread happiness

    9 jam yang lalu

    woee laa jan pake nama princess, kan gua jadi keinget wayv TT

  • Neya Risuna
    Neya Risuna10 jam yang lalu

    Mereka yang ngerapp, i yang bengek

  • Kaka Rika
    Kaka Rika10 jam yang lalu

    Keren semua favorit rap.nya jeno

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee10 jam yang lalu

    When you think of rap, they said its YG speciality, but this proves me its wrong!

  • Abaneendra Bhattacharyya
    Abaneendra Bhattacharyya10 jam yang lalu


  • Anisah Nj.
    Anisah Nj.11 jam yang lalu

    Other: Lala Lalalala La Lalala lala Lala Me : Nana nananana na nanana nana nana^_^

  • seong yong
    seong yong11 jam yang lalu

    Love this so much Let's make at least 50 Million

  • seong yong
    seong yong11 jam yang lalu

    1 Million likes soon !!! Only 3K more to go ...

  • i am the grass
    i am the grass11 jam yang lalu


  • Selima Aileen Agustina
    Selima Aileen Agustina11 jam yang lalu


  • Trisha B
    Trisha B11 jam yang lalu

    For those y'all who want more of Sungchan's rap, please listen to LIGHT BULB For those y'all who want more of Yangyang's rap, please listen to LEONIDAS thank me later

  • BH Victoria
    BH Victoria12 jam yang lalu


  • i am the grass
    i am the grass12 jam yang lalu

    1m like

  • silv jung
    silv jung12 jam yang lalu

    997k likes 3k lagi :")

  • grass_city23
    grass_city2312 jam yang lalu

    O:43 HAL TENDEY! 😆😆 I cant get over with Yangyangs part.

  • Anggun Mustika Septiana
    Anggun Mustika Septiana13 jam yang lalu


  • Ade Indriyani
    Ade Indriyani13 jam yang lalu

    Jangan lupa vote di mubeat, gap kita jauh banget. Ayooogaes kasih win lagi buat mereka

  • jung woo • sung chan
    jung woo • sung chan13 jam yang lalu

    Less than 3k left for 1 million likes

  • jung woo • sung chan
    jung woo • sung chan13 jam yang lalu

    Sungchan successfully wrecked my bias list. I even changed my un, still love uwu the mostttt

  • i am the grass
    i am the grass13 jam yang lalu


  • Nabila Ratih
    Nabila Ratih13 jam yang lalu

    23jt ayook

  • DMCHANNEL 2704
    DMCHANNEL 270413 jam yang lalu

    Aigo sikitgy lho 23m dan 1m

  • dangerousmistress
    dangerousmistress13 jam yang lalu

    Taeyong honey, you will never be a misfit because you are actually the mold, the standard, that everyone wants to fit into.

  • NCT's GraSs
    NCT's GraSs13 jam yang lalu

    Czennies don't hesitate to leave a like and vote NCT 127 on AMA

  • Regarpiranha pira

    Regarpiranha pira

    13 jam yang lalu


  • aan tasya
    aan tasya13 jam yang lalu

    Jadi pengen belajar ngerap woy mereka keren bgt sihh

  • weirdo doodoo
    weirdo doodoo13 jam yang lalu

    La la la la la la la I'm a misfit manneun fit jachega eopji Sumi teokteok makin oseul ibeun neukkim Jigyeopji gomin eopsi geunyang rip it Nareul kkeureonaeriryeo halsurok get lifted Aesseo nal jaedanharyeoneun geon dwaesseo Jigeum idaero ga the best never mess up Uisimi eopji geujeo bring it to the next Nan deunneun bangbeobeul molla I'm a def Wae naega bareul matchwoya dwae eorimeopseum Da biseuthan moseup deouk geoseullineun bossin' 2 phones eeopeullein modeu naragal ttaeya Nuguneun naega michyeotdae nope It doesn't matter what they say Eochapi nan nae maeumdaero hal tende Nan eonjena twieonaon mot dachigi sileumyeon U better just stay out of my way okay? Get out my way y'all Get out my way Amudo nareul makji mothae Uril eokjiro ttokgateun teure kkiwo neotagan Buswobeoriljido you dig? Get out my way y'all Get out my way Jikil beobi beobi eomne Jeokdanghiraneun beopdo Nal meomchul bangbeopdo Sae rureul mandeureo right here Nugungaui gyuchik Mutji malgo ttareuraneun deusi Chaeuryeogo hane mokjureul Jitbalbeuryeo hae kkumeul Naega eolmana nopi jojuneul hago inneunji Moreuni ttabunhan soril neureonwa Ppeonhan sorippunin plot Naege dakido jeone ppeodeo LeBron block Ibi jjeok beoreojine ijen bunwigi paak Hagil uri taedoneun neul do or die It's been a minute I'm in it imi nan igineun Gibun neukkimyeo jikineun motto without the business Misfit never fit in Nal magaseoneun geotdeul imi bararaero 6 feet Kkaebeoryeo siseutem mideo neoui instinct Don't stop wit attitude like u r 15 Rude boys hit the track sikgeopae Urin dareuge boneun jungira ppittakae Warnin' NCT we mobbin' Nega eodie itdeunji we comin' Nuni majuchimyeon mangseoriji malgo jump in Baby come & get it on my team let's run it Gotta get up go to bigger better things Gal giri meoreo pideubaegeun no thanks Ttokbaro geotgien jeonbu biseudeumhae Urin dareuge boneun jungira ppittakae Get out my way y'all Get out my way Amudo nareul makji mothae Uril eokjiro ttokgateun teure kkiwo neotagan Buswobeoriljido you dig? Get out my way y'all Get out my way Jikil beobi beobi eomne Jeokdanghiraneun beopdo Nal meomchul bangbeopdo Sae rureul mandeureo right here La la la la la la la La la la la la la la

  • Pihan Pus
    Pihan Pus13 jam yang lalu

    hendrey luv

  • Resa April
    Resa April14 jam yang lalu

    Omhh yeah swagg boys

  • i am the grass
    i am the grass14 jam yang lalu

    Almost one million like

  • Gin Gee
    Gin Gee15 jam yang lalu

    They are ready to go to the SMTM

  • V Angulo Morales
    V Angulo Morales15 jam yang lalu

    I recommend that you set it as an alarm, if it helps to wake up

  • Divine Grace Delos Santos
    Divine Grace Delos Santos15 jam yang lalu

    Sungchan so cool and marks rap slaassssh!!!

  • Weiyingsredribbon
    Weiyingsredribbon15 jam yang lalu

    I love this literally SO MUCH like okay go OFF SPIT THAT FIRE KINGS!!!

  • Selah Rose
    Selah Rose15 jam yang lalu

    Someone tell me why I'm just now finding this.... and I called myself a fan.....

  • NCT's GraSs

    NCT's GraSs

    13 jam yang lalu

    Aah...may be you didn't get the notification from the's okay ...U are not late

  • roronoa zoro-kun
    roronoa zoro-kun15 jam yang lalu


  • Grecia Salazar
    Grecia Salazar15 jam yang lalu


  • Jeni Mulyani
    Jeni Mulyani15 jam yang lalu

    SEMUANYA GUE CULIK YA(╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥)(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  • doyoung's hoodie
    doyoung's hoodie15 jam yang lalu

    NCT has best visual, best vocalist, best rapper, best dancer

  • Casandra Lopez
    Casandra Lopez15 jam yang lalu

    And Jeno really surprised me like omfg he sounds so good!!!

  • Casandra Lopez
    Casandra Lopez15 jam yang lalu

    Okay but they SNAPPED.

  • Tika Azzahra
    Tika Azzahra16 jam yang lalu

    I like it

  • sawdha hamid
    sawdha hamid16 jam yang lalu

    2020 MAMA Nomination 2020.10.29(THU) - 5PM(KST) Nomination On-Air - 6PM(KST) Vote Open also vote for nct in Mubeat( we are losing ) and Idolchamp 2020 APAN (BEST GROUP FOR MAN) we are on #3 and on AMAs link:

  • NCT's GraSs

    NCT's GraSs

    13 jam yang lalu