Minecraft, But 99% Of The Chunks Are Removed...


Minecraft, But 99% Of The Chunks Are Removed... this was tough.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • William Sanders
    William Sanders7 menit yang lalu

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  • Areeba Haq
    Areeba Haq30 menit yang lalu


    AARUSH BAVISKAR39 menit yang lalu

    Why do people even dislike

  • Kolekcjoner
    KolekcjonerJam Yang lalu

    26:21 that was not hardcore hard you are cheater

  • coolproboy7272
    coolproboy7272Jam Yang lalu

    25:05 get stick bugged lol

  • Jon Joe
    Jon Joe2 jam yang lalu

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    Capps Eddie2 jam yang lalu

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  • Inoue ,CuteBoba_Tea
    Inoue ,CuteBoba_Tea2 jam yang lalu

    Dream 2.0 xD

  • Erin Krug
    Erin Krug2 jam yang lalu

    Did I miss why Tapl stopped doing UHC videos?

  • skyblues422
    skyblues4222 jam yang lalu


  • skyblues422
    skyblues4222 jam yang lalu

    Noooooo cat!!

  • Skiibs
    Skiibs4 jam yang lalu

    ur voice is like bazerk

  • Jr Hersons
    Jr Hersons5 jam yang lalu

    *Pffft*, that pause in finding the stronghold, lol.

  • Tahsin Haq
    Tahsin Haq6 jam yang lalu


  • Colton Shadix
    Colton Shadix7 jam yang lalu

    Hi. Me. Bige. Fucking. Fan

  • Colton Shadix

    Colton Shadix

    7 jam yang lalu

    Who. 💕. Me

  • Colton Shadix

    Colton Shadix

    7 jam yang lalu


  • jeffrey devonish
    jeffrey devonish7 jam yang lalu


  • Chi Walker
    Chi Walker8 jam yang lalu

    OMG um what you forgot about the egg 😂😅😂

  • Chi Walker

    Chi Walker

    8 jam yang lalu

    The dragon egg 😂

  • Onyx
    Onyx8 jam yang lalu

    It actually un subbed me wow 😣

  • Claire Sinclair
    Claire Sinclair9 jam yang lalu

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  • buknoy's vlog dancing baby
    buknoy's vlog dancing baby9 jam yang lalu

    Yo Gg

  • buknoy's vlog dancing baby
    buknoy's vlog dancing baby9 jam yang lalu

    That was freakin awesome

  • Dane Harasem
    Dane Harasem9 jam yang lalu

    Hi twitch people

  • FireFront
    FireFront10 jam yang lalu

    yellow iron

  • rexlampitoc
    rexlampitoc10 jam yang lalu

    what if the end portal split minecraft: no end for you

  • Julius Parker
    Julius Parker10 jam yang lalu

    Who else saw that lava turn into gold

  • Lauren Siebers
    Lauren Siebers12 jam yang lalu

    Build a BIG BIG BIG plat form then do it

  • Jennifer Spalding
    Jennifer Spalding12 jam yang lalu

    lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nawal Bernoukh
    Nawal Bernoukh12 jam yang lalu

    last time you were in hardcore 0:00 and then gamemode survival 26:20

  • six little nightmare
    six little nightmare13 jam yang lalu

    Yaah you are minicraft to me

  • Joan Kaney
    Joan Kaney13 jam yang lalu

    Love your minecraft videos tapl gg yeah

  • Bristle Paws
    Bristle Paws13 jam yang lalu

    Lol I love how everyone just started talking about ice cream flavors and what their favorite is lol thats adorable

  • Tom The partytimea
    Tom The partytimea14 jam yang lalu

    His hearts have eyes on him until the end that means he didn’t do it at the end

  • Eden Vu
    Eden Vu14 jam yang lalu

    When your too noob for Minecraft or normal sky block but you want to play sky block so you have to do that

  • Patrick Walker
    Patrick Walker14 jam yang lalu

    budum tuss

  • KubaKraw
    KubaKraw14 jam yang lalu

    Why does his hearts go normal at 26:15 did he die but cut it out cuz his hot bar is rearranged between the clips

  • Aiden Novy
    Aiden Novy15 jam yang lalu


  • Ming Ming Lol
    Ming Ming Lol15 jam yang lalu

    The one time he makes things harder for himself lol

  • Tiptop00
    Tiptop0015 jam yang lalu

    26:18 to 26:22. LOOK AT THE HEARTS!

  • Jakubik!
    Jakubik!16 jam yang lalu

    26:20 its so fake, he is not in hardcore anymore

  • 16 jam yang lalu

    bro that was ...... crazy

  • terry rudford
    terry rudford16 jam yang lalu

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  • Mewpet Nope
    Mewpet Nope17 jam yang lalu

    Cobble generator !!!!!!!

  • Connor McCarty
    Connor McCarty17 jam yang lalu

    This is the crack edition of skyden

  • maxysf
    maxysf18 jam yang lalu

    I can imagine the deformed pinky casue of pushing shift

  • cam kupec
    cam kupec18 jam yang lalu

    im just sitting here eating a cheese bun the size of my face and watching youtube

  • hambone gaming
    hambone gaming18 jam yang lalu

    Your videos are amazing! Keep it up👍

  • Pacifier of comment sections, King of arguements
    Pacifier of comment sections, King of arguements19 jam yang lalu

    Pistachio ice cream is my favourite

  • Sonja Siren
    Sonja Siren19 jam yang lalu

    gives me skyblock vibes

  • Hellastic
    Hellastic19 jam yang lalu

    imagine he accidentally hit a pigman when trying to get blaze rods and minecraft lets him water mlg

  • AnhTuan
    AnhTuan19 jam yang lalu


  • Omer Elgassim
    Omer Elgassim20 jam yang lalu


  • JH gaming
    JH gaming21 jam yang lalu

    31:46 we golther

  • [EXOTIC] Cod
    [EXOTIC] Cod21 jam yang lalu

    Why at a part it isn’t on hardcore

  • M Ejaz
    M Ejaz21 jam yang lalu

    use wud in netherand stone in overword very claever

  • DJ J
    DJ J22 jam yang lalu

    27:30 where did the harcore mode go ?? huh???

  • BigNuggetSix
    BigNuggetSix22 jam yang lalu

    At 26:21 he went from hardcore to normal survival

  • 27_Leroy Tan _1A7
    27_Leroy Tan _1A7Hari Yang lalu

    13:22 Ghast complete `Return to sender'

  • Darius Irimies
    Darius IrimiesHari Yang lalu

    How do i play this??? :?

  • Maram Matar
    Maram MatarHari Yang lalu


  • Reima Ahmad
    Reima AhmadHari Yang lalu


  • Mồn lèo
    Mồn lèoHari Yang lalu

    If Minecraft is infinite, how could you deleted 99% of it?

  • Rafiq Sharman
    Rafiq SharmanHari Yang lalu

    good man

  • Nthevenot 8
    Nthevenot 8Hari Yang lalu

    Why he have no reaction to the donations

  • Killer Main4
    Killer Main4Hari Yang lalu

    This time hell looks like real hell :D

  • Ray Huang
    Ray HuangHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else notice that his hearts turned from hardcore to normal survival ones?

  • Classic Games
    Classic GamesHari Yang lalu

    What birthmark you have tapL

  • JohnLovesAnime
    JohnLovesAnimeHari Yang lalu

    Now Dream should beat this challenge, it would definitely be fun

  • sarina abdullah
    sarina abdullahHari Yang lalu

    why can do?

  • sarina abdullah
    sarina abdullahHari Yang lalu

    you skyblok?

  • Andrea Price
    Andrea PriceHari Yang lalu

    "Yay more foo- i mean more friends" -TapL 2020/2021 idk

  • Kayla Griffith
    Kayla GriffithHari Yang lalu

    To think does he even play regular minecraft

  • Addison Gray
    Addison GrayHari Yang lalu

    It unsubscribe me 4 times I can't sub any more

  • Quinius
    QuiniusHari Yang lalu

    1:55 5 yr me visiting my grandma's house

  • Philip Santos
    Philip SantosHari Yang lalu

    at 10:55 the lava changes to gold LOL

  • Isaac Beehler
    Isaac BeehlerHari Yang lalu


  • Lkc G
    Lkc GHari Yang lalu

    This kinda seems like some sort of skyblock

  • Jacqueline Hughes
    Jacqueline HughesHari Yang lalu

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  • Totally real Name
    Totally real NameHari Yang lalu

    Ok but have you noticed how dumb alot of the people in chat are Like someone thought there was a creeper spawner or someone spamming to use slabs while bridging with slabs and someone didnt know skeletons could shoot arrows in water and when he said to count the blaze rods the chat couldn't even count correctly

  • Totally real Name

    Totally real Name

    Hari Yang lalu

    Like some of these people are so stupid they dont deserve to be on the internet

  • MrOrANge YT
    MrOrANge YTHari Yang lalu

    You should get elytra aswell

  • DarkSentinel
    DarkSentinelHari Yang lalu

    I wish I could try this out on my own..

  • Relentia Reign
    Relentia ReignHari Yang lalu

    For a min I thought u were dream

  • Owen Wade
    Owen WadeHari Yang lalu

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  • Mark Arze
    Mark ArzeHari Yang lalu

    If 99% chunks are removed and it's infinite??? What is 99%

  • Jordan Li
    Jordan LiHari Yang lalu

    The spiritual dash quickly object because hand technologically excite worth a diligent girl. naughty, ignorant dorothy

  • Tate Heick
    Tate HeickHari Yang lalu


  • FireFront
    FireFrontHari Yang lalu

    can someone count how many times he said "OH MY GOD"

  • White_IceGaming


    Jam Yang lalu


  • No U
    No UHari Yang lalu

    taking 99% from infinity is still infinity

  • Katie Smith
    Katie SmithHari Yang lalu

    You're sooo funny!!

  • Meme Lord
    Meme LordHari Yang lalu

    I called it he was mining iron and I said just imagine if he got diamond 3:09

  • Henry Mole
    Henry MoleHari Yang lalu

    3:01 my man really do be giving me a heart attack

  • Brandon Curnutte
    Brandon CurnutteHari Yang lalu


  • l pyland
    l pylandHari Yang lalu

    What about minecraft but 99 percent of the chunks are loaded

  • Mr .Citric
    Mr .CitricHari Yang lalu

    fake it was in hardcore then in survival

  • Mr .Citric
    Mr .CitricHari Yang lalu

    he died and cheated

  • Sandy Da Poptart
    Sandy Da PoptartHari Yang lalu

    Rose's are red quite as a mouse your door is unlocked am inside your H O U S E

  • Torpedo Cubing
    Torpedo CubingHari Yang lalu

    Do this but if you walk on block it will be in your inventory like your other vid

  • Torpedo Cubing

    Torpedo Cubing

    Hari Yang lalu

    Great video Thanks for content

  • Caden Zuehsow
    Caden ZuehsowHari Yang lalu

    I’m just sad seeing all the diamonds he didn’t grab

  • Ranjela
    RanjelaHari Yang lalu

    So Skyblock with a few extra steps?

  • Gaming with Ali
    Gaming with AliHari Yang lalu

    9999999999999999999999999999999 chunks

  • ORNG
    ORNGHari Yang lalu

    I eat food