Minecraft: 10+ Zombie Redstone Builds! (easy)


Minecraft Zombie Redstone Bunker. This redstone bunker will Trap your FRIENDS and keeps all the Minecraft Monster out! Really COOL and EASY to build.
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Minecraft ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Build Hacks. Build the coolest Bunker with awesome traps for friends in minecraft. Troll your friends in this bunker or protect yourself from all the zombies in your survival World. All your friends will have a lot of fun and enjoy this bunker. Zombie EASY Build Hacks for Minecraft Bedrock and Java.
Recording videos like Minecraft: 10 Simple Redstone Builds! , Minecraft: How to make a working Elevator (easy) and Minecraft: 10+ Among Us Build Hacks is a really fun thing to do and I love to come up with new Ideas and Designs and present them in my ID-get-videos.
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    1:16 ๐‚๐ฅ๐ข๐œ๐ค ๐‡๐ž๐ซ๐ž โžœ id-get.info/channel/video/bZ6lrayYqnGbl78 ใ€‹ใ€‹ iPhone Giveaway ใ€Šใ€Š ๅœจๆ•ดๅ€‹ไบบ้กžๆญทๅฒไธŠ๏ผŒๅผท่€…๏ผŒๅฏŒไบบๅ’Œๅ…ทๆœ‰็‹ก็Œพ็‰น่ณช็š„ไบบๆ•้ฃŸ้ƒจ่ฝ๏ผŒๆฐๆ—๏ผŒๅŸŽ้Žฎ๏ผŒๅŸŽๅธ‚ๅ’Œ้„‰ๆ‘ไธญ็š„ๅผฑ่€…๏ผŒ็„ก`'ๅฎˆๅ’Œ่ฒง็ชฎๆˆๅ“กใ€‚็„ถ่€Œ๏ผŒไบบ้กž็š„็”Ÿๅญ˜ๆ„้ก˜่ฟซไฝฟ้‚ฃไบ›่ขซๆ‹’็ต•๏ผŒ่ขซๅ‰ๅฅชๆˆ–ๆ‘งๆฏ€็š„ๅŸบๆœฌ้œ€ๆฑ‚็š„ไบบๅ€‘ๆ‰พๅˆฐไบ†ไธ€็จฎ็”Ÿๆดปๆ–นๅผ๏ผŒไธฆ็นผ็บŒๅฐ‡ๅ…ถDNA่žๅ…ฅไธๆ–ท็™ผๅฑ•็š„ไบบ้กž็คพๆœƒใ€‚ ่ชชๅˆฐ้ฃŸ็‰ฉ๏ผŒไธ่ฆไปฅ็‚บ้‚ฃไบ›่ขซๆ‹’็ต•็š„ไบบๅชๅƒๅžƒๅœพใ€‚็›ธๅ๏ผŒไป–ๅ€‘ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ๅœจ่ขซๅฟฝ่ฆ–็š„่‚‰้กžๅ’Œ่”ฌ่œไธญๅฐ‹ๆ‰พ็‡Ÿ้คŠใ€‚ไป–ๅ€‘ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ๆธ…ๆฝ”๏ผŒๅˆ‡ๅกŠ๏ผŒ่ชฟๅ‘ณๅ’Œๆ…ข็‡‰ๆ…ข็‡‰็š„้‡Ž่œๅ’Œ่‚‰้กž๏ผŒๅœจ้ฃŸๅ“ๅธ‚ๅ ดไธŠ่ขซๅฟฝ็•ฅ็š„้ƒจๅˆ†ๅฎถ็”จ่”ฌ่œๅ’Œ่‚‰้กž๏ผŒไธฆไธ”ๅญธๆœƒไบ†ไฝฟ็”จ่Šณ้ฆ™็š„ๆœจ็…™๏ผˆๅฆ‚ๅฑฑๆ ธๆกƒ๏ผŒๅฑฑๆ ธๆกƒๅ’Œ่ฑ†็ง‘็Œๆœจ ไพ†่ชฟๅ‘ณ้ฃŸ็‰ฉ็…ฎ็š„ๆ™‚ๅ€™%^%^ 1620631371

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