Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)


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Directed by Jake Schreier
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  • Richa Mae Baron
    Richa Mae Baron9 menit yang lalu


  • Limar Swilymeen
    Limar SwilymeenJam Yang lalu

    The fact that I hated him but now I am listening to this song and crying this hits different bro your sound is so Amazing and I am really fan girling now

  • Christine's Episode
    Christine's EpisodeJam Yang lalu

    This song clearly was hard for him, it's so deep. He is sorry for his past, if god himself forgives why can't people forgive? Thank you.

  • Christine's Episode
    Christine's EpisodeJam Yang lalu

    Justin Bieber has one of the most amazing voices, a voice NO ONE is even close to. It's so different from all the voices and it's such an amazing voice, he doesn't deserve the hate he gets. Everyone makes mistakes, he was 15! FIFTEEN. Imagine a 15 year old getting this much hate? Stop bringing up Selena Gomez up all the time in his face. She is an angel so is he. He deserves to be happy. He was young. Young people are reckless sometimes. But now he has changed, why can't anyone see that he has really changed? It hurts to see someone struggle so much. HE CHANGED. He is AMAZING.

  • Wioleta WILCZYK
    Wioleta WILCZYKJam Yang lalu

    #teamdubiel ❤️❤️

  • Let's be happy
    Let's be happyJam Yang lalu

    I am genuinely discovering Justin Bieber's inner side and I truly love him.

  • Act Phase
    Act PhaseJam Yang lalu

    Justin I never hated u but still I didn’t know

  • Valentin HernandezII
    Valentin HernandezIIJam Yang lalu

    I feel like this song should go on and on and on. Im just a regular dude, husband, dad with kids and we are all listening to this song over and over by ourselves. In separate rooms wishing the others heard the other listening feeling the same pain.

  • Snowyy
    Snowyy3 jam yang lalu

    glad we can all share our pain on here

    HIEUFM4 jam yang lalu

    Beautifull voice👍👍👍

  • Faida Sebuhoro
    Faida Sebuhoro5 jam yang lalu

    Woow this was totally beautiful ! 👏🏼 Keep going! 😊 (I made a cover of this song too in case u wanna check) 😄

  • Ayaan khan
    Ayaan khan5 jam yang lalu

    You're unbelievable i just want to you really love you so much

  • Yusif •
    Yusif •5 jam yang lalu

    Such an impressive piece. This is ART of Music. Thanks, Justin.

  • Fred Hawck
    Fred Hawck5 jam yang lalu

    I love hearing the highlight of his voice in this version, it's really beautiful.

  • Follow The Generation
    Follow The Generation6 jam yang lalu

    We want Marshmello x Justin Bieber 🔥

  • Sandra Ayu AH
    Sandra Ayu AH6 jam yang lalu

    Justin Bieber versi akustik memang paling mantepppp😭

  • mojca l.
    mojca l.7 jam yang lalu

    Skoraj popolno...

  • t bird
    t bird7 jam yang lalu

    Justin seems to be reflecting on his past with he songs he has been writing. Monster with Shawn Mendes and this one seem to tell the story of his early years becoming famous at a young age. I hope he has now found peace with it.

  • Josy Garcia
    Josy Garcia7 jam yang lalu

    so sad song...he is just a broken human being trying to heal...lets just all pray for him...he is truly an amazing artist...

  • Parth Munde Roll no 53
    Parth Munde Roll no 537 jam yang lalu

    😇😇 the best song i h'd listen 😇😇

  • Beatriz Rodrigues
    Beatriz Rodrigues7 jam yang lalu

    I Love you

  • Jahiiirah CarLoS
    Jahiiirah CarLoS7 jam yang lalu

    As We ParT WayS .... - 👽 - BesT oF LucK ...... ONN The FraZe “ . The BirdS 🦅 &* The beeS 🐝 . “

  • Sneha Jaspa
    Sneha Jaspa7 jam yang lalu

    Justin Bieber❤

  • muhammad thaqif asyraf
    muhammad thaqif asyraf8 jam yang lalu

    Perfect voice

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist8 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like a song someone whose conquered the world would write. Plus it sounds like Justin is using one of those advanced area 51 mic's lol

  • Dane Whittington
    Dane Whittington9 jam yang lalu

    Tell me I’m not the only one wondering if someone got fired 2:19 for making that bang. My brain is so messed up, all I picture is some unlucky guy being fired from his first big gig in the music industry.

  • Djamel Rezaiguia
    Djamel Rezaiguia9 jam yang lalu

    So sorry bcz you are lonely we all love you justin❤

  • Jahiiirah CarLoS
    Jahiiirah CarLoS10 jam yang lalu

    aT ThiS PoinT iTs Too LaTe &* ThoSe Two RouTeS Would be My Only 2 OpTionS * . Monday - 👽 .

  • Alessandra James
    Alessandra James10 jam yang lalu

    Stay strong justin♥️

  • Dan H
    Dan H10 jam yang lalu

    I think people tend to forget that behind the Celebrity persona there is a human being, a young lad that rocketed to fame without any protection of what it could do to him. The guy is a freaking legend and fair play to him for levelling himself out and being a real man!

  • Goblow agoat
    Goblow agoat10 jam yang lalu

    I am not ok

  • Goblow agoat
    Goblow agoat10 jam yang lalu

    It is okay to not be ok thats me

  • Denis Boshnakova
    Denis Boshnakova11 jam yang lalu

  • Julia Julcia
    Julia Julcia11 jam yang lalu


  • Sandra Aleksandrowicz
    Sandra Aleksandrowicz12 jam yang lalu

    #ProundOfDubiel ❤️

  • Nw 4
    Nw 412 jam yang lalu


  • Kacper Duszyński
    Kacper Duszyński12 jam yang lalu

    Polacy to dla was #teamdubiel

  • Angelica Moh
    Angelica Moh12 jam yang lalu


  • Ehiz Theo
    Ehiz Theo13 jam yang lalu

    I wish I was just there to hug him and let him know he's is loved and not alone.

  • Bojasion
    Bojasion13 jam yang lalu

    Marcin ❤️

  • tox _
    tox _13 jam yang lalu

    🥺💗💗. I love you so much😭😭💖. I like music🤷🏻‍♀️.

  • Armonia YT
    Armonia YT13 jam yang lalu

    alguien que hable español? jajaj

  • v19g
    v19g14 jam yang lalu

    I hope he is happier these days

  • Dawid Daniel
    Dawid Daniel14 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE IT !!!

  • Snehal
    Snehal15 jam yang lalu


  • KaeN _Pl
    KaeN _Pl15 jam yang lalu

    ❤Marcin Dubiel❤

  • G M
    G M15 jam yang lalu

    we all alone =\

  • Cyrus Fassihi
    Cyrus Fassihi16 jam yang lalu

    THE WORLD'S FASTEST (ONE-HAND) DRUMMING id-get.info/channel/video/ZrGRnJ7LoWvMbKc

  • Juliette
    Juliette16 jam yang lalu

    Unfortunaty, there's always going to be haters. Y'all wherever you are, be strong.

  • Thomas Vermeulen
    Thomas Vermeulen16 jam yang lalu

    This clap at the end made me realize how short is life... And this song as well!! Too short.

  • Jackson Aishwarya
    Jackson Aishwarya16 jam yang lalu

    I have liked Justin Bieber right from beginning. He achieved so much at such a young age. An age where half of the people will be clueless about their own self.

  • boutikof
    boutikof16 jam yang lalu

    Which shirt is he wearing?

  • reza dwi Juliana
    reza dwi Juliana17 jam yang lalu

    I always pray for your happiness, my baby~

  • gabi Oooo
    gabi Oooo17 jam yang lalu

    #teamdubiel kochamy cie

  • Jahiiirah CarLoS
    Jahiiirah CarLoS17 jam yang lalu

    As We ParT WayS .... - 👽 - BesT oF LucK ...... ONN The FraZe “ . The BirdS 🦅 &* The beeS 🐝 . “

  • Oliwia Maj
    Oliwia Maj17 jam yang lalu


  • Luna Cherry
    Luna Cherry18 jam yang lalu

    It took for this guy to write a song about his depression to for y’all to stop hating on him for no reason lmao.

  • Roselis Nuñez
    Roselis Nuñez18 jam yang lalu

    Todas las versiones son hermosas!! Para Dios no hay Imposibles debemos pasar siempre por el desierto para poder Conocerlo Cara a Cara. Saludos desde Venezuela..

  • Nolan Woodall
    Nolan Woodall18 jam yang lalu

    Learn, grow, and love guys.

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory18 jam yang lalu


  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory18 jam yang lalu

    Singing with your eye close makes it better

  • Jesryl Banagan
    Jesryl Banagan19 jam yang lalu

    Hey justin bieber im jesryl banagan from philippines, I'm your #1 fans since you sing one time. I hope you notice me, because im poor.

  • Dominika
    Dominika19 jam yang lalu

    Dubiel ❤️🇵🇱

  • JeffIsWho
    JeffIsWho19 jam yang lalu

    lol stfu

  • BWT Legit
    BWT Legit20 jam yang lalu

    thanks 😶

  • Lindsay Beyer-Shawver
    Lindsay Beyer-Shawver20 jam yang lalu

    Am i insane to be 43 years old and loving some biebs? I just want to hold him and tell him it will all be okay!

  • Dhila khoirunisa
    Dhila khoirunisa20 jam yang lalu

    When i listening this music, i remembered about justin's old song, I'll show you... But maybe there's only some people who realized that song almost same with this "lonely" about how he was strugle in his new life and everybody didnt care and just want him to be perfect person

  • Ysaiikee's Vlog
    Ysaiikee's Vlog20 jam yang lalu

    His saying what he feels

  • Ayiem
    Ayiem21 jam yang lalu

    Justin is actually a really nice guy man , no doubt.. he just depressed of what had happen in the past. that's all , he's a human too you know. in this song he says it all.. in his heart. may the future be more better for you jb

  • Hmingtea Video zovi
    Hmingtea Video zovi21 jam yang lalu

    i love it

  • Wan N. Edna
    Wan N. Edna21 jam yang lalu

    I used to not like him for all the stupid things he did but I know everyone made mistakes, and for me to keep hating him for things he did in the past is ridiculous. I'm glad he made this song to show people who used to hate him or still hating him about if they were in his shoes. Anyway, even I used to not like him, but I really love his voice since beginning and I can't deny that.

  • Ines Khaldoune
    Ines Khaldoune21 jam yang lalu

    we can see that his hurt :(

  • Lucas
    Lucas21 jam yang lalu

    Uma bela musica pra acalmar a alma.

  • Ala _TV
    Ala _TV22 jam yang lalu


  • Masarat1973 Jehan
    Masarat1973 Jehan22 jam yang lalu

    Luv u so much Justin bro U r my favourite ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Salma Wahidah
    Salma Wahidah22 jam yang lalu

    I'm here and will come back next year;))

  • Oliwia Suminska
    Oliwia Suminska22 jam yang lalu

    Ta piosenka kojarzy się z Marcinem #teamdubiel ❤️❤️ kochamy cię Marcin ❤️

  • MatriX
    MatriX23 jam yang lalu

    Kto po walce dubiela?

  • Arsen-Nesra Saribekjan
    Arsen-Nesra Saribekjan23 jam yang lalu

    this song just make's me cry everytime, i'm trying to proces all the stuff i've been through, i'm used to do everything alone, feel lonely, now there are people in my life who trying to help me, & i'm still not used to ask or get help, cause it's rare when you find people who don't need anything from you but are actually interested in what you need, sometimes it's still hard for me to not to think twice or to not look over my shoulder, i used to game a lot as an escape from reality, people told me i'm a game addict & have no life, they were always ready to judge, but they didn't ask how i am, why i'm hiding behind a screen, at times i still feel me lonely, trying to move on, but this song get's me & that's why i love music.

  • gabi gabi
    gabi gabi23 jam yang lalu

    I feel lonely too😥.

  • Поделки Переделки
    Поделки Переделки23 jam yang lalu

    Он лучший в мире

  • Juana Bernal
    Juana Bernal23 jam yang lalu

    God bless you all time justin🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Leenqシ
    Leenqシ23 jam yang lalu

    ابداااااع يخيي صوته

  • pawel majka
    pawel majkaHari Yang lalu


  • Zuzia Ciężarek
    Zuzia CiężarekHari Yang lalu

    Mam w głowie od razu Marcina Dubiela🙂❤

  • Novea Culob
    Novea CulobHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who notice the shoes and sock of Benny Blanco? Likeeee it's super cuteee ❤️❤️❤️

  • ClosedTuber!
    ClosedTuber!Hari Yang lalu

    "The fame, the fortune, It breaks u " You feel like you want to get rid of it. And you try to have a normal life But face it, Its reality, u can't change it. 1 Chance, 1 Life.

  • Cubez
    CubezHari Yang lalu

    I love anything bieber !!,what a total babe!We love you Mr Biebs,thanks for such wonderful music

  • Kyle Gamao
    Kyle GamaoHari Yang lalu

    I want to cry, because I know that justin is a good man since and I got confused why people started hating him, I heard every bad comments on him but I always believe in him so seeing these people now that they started to realize who justin is, it makes my heart warm.

  • Shivanshi Desai
    Shivanshi DesaiHari Yang lalu

    this is the most heart melting song ever i listen to it everyday

  • HałeQ
    HałeQHari Yang lalu

    Marcin Jesteś Najlepszy :))))))

  • osnapitz ari
    osnapitz ariHari Yang lalu

    #teamdubiel ❤❤❤❤ #proudofdubiel 🥺🥺🥺

  • Maja Orzech
    Maja OrzechHari Yang lalu

    Marcin Dubiel górą

  • Daniel Sealey
    Daniel SealeyHari Yang lalu

    Another great piece Justin. When I heard this song I felt my heart tremble because you are my idle and I feel for you like I feel for myself. Keep it up.

  • Wixon
    WixonHari Yang lalu

    Tak samo jak pod official music video zalewamy komentarze! Polska jesteście?

  • Saajida Rizwan
    Saajida RizwanHari Yang lalu

    They just took a normal person and made him a celebrity only to tear Justin down in public just to sell TV shows and magazines. It's honestly sick. Justin's talented and successful he's what most kids dream of being but because of media. He had to give up some of life's most amazing things freedom, privacy, honesty, actual happiness and who he truly is. The media just wrecks the human apart... it's terrible.. seeing Justin happy now makes me so dame happy, cause he deserves it.. #justinbieber #BELIEBER 💜 💜

  • Saajida Rizwan
    Saajida RizwanHari Yang lalu

    Seeing all the positive comments on how people finally realized Hitachi kinda guy Justin really is, makes me feel like a proud damn BELIEBER💜... It took all these years for the hate towards Justin to finally stop..

  • Game over_0098
    Game over_0098Hari Yang lalu

    I was unaware of the situation for a long time I see a real man now It does not matter what people say But you will always remember Selena Gomez

    AMAAN KHANHari Yang lalu

    The pain in his voice🥺

  • Gregg Space
    Gregg SpaceHari Yang lalu

    Justin, I never took you seriously at first, a David Cassidy flash in the pan at best. But then, man, you emerge as this talented artist. I like your harmonic and melodic gifts, clever songwriting and intonation skills, and the way you use your voice so delicately and poignantly. Beautiful tones.