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NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers might find advice provided in this talk to be helpful as a complementary approach, please do not look to this talk for medical advice. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal understanding of and experiences with anxiety. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here:

What if it turned out that anxiety isn’t actually our enemy? What if we suddenly realised our fear was trying to help us? What would happen if we stopped trying to fight anxiety and embraced it as a trusted friend?
Tim Box is a therapist, author and anxiety expert, and in his youth experienced debilitating levels of social anxiety.
Tim has spent a large part of the last 10 years helping people understand and control their anxiety response and at some point during the last decade he started to get the distinct impression that most people dealing with anxiety were thinking about it in entirely the wrong way.
In this talk Tim explains why we need to think about anxiety differently, why the help we are being offered often exacerbates the problem, and how a very simple shift in the way we think about our own emotional responses can free us from our diagnoses and help us all feel a lot less anxious about anxiety. Tim is a remedial hypnotist and mind management expert. He helps people get back in control of the way they think, feel and behave.

Having overcome his own social anxiety in the past, he now specialises in treating anxiety issues. In 2017 he published his first book; Clear Your Head: The simple guide to enjoying your life without anxiety getting in the way. This went on to become an Amazon number 1 bestseller in its category. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  • Abe T
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    Yes, anxiety is a natural part of being human, but excessive, unmanageable levels are not. Could say the same about pain or fear. It's one thing to feel anxious often, but when it gets overwhelming you can't just breathe it away. You mention being anxious before certain events, but for most others it's defined as feeling anxious with no obvious reason or trigger. When it's constant, it carries over into physical health symptoms. Then there's the situation you're in that you might have zero control over. The scope of severity for people struggling with anxiety is so broad that it can't be defined by one simple explanation.

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    I loved it

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    This was such a sincere presentation. 😉 Very touching to the soul and spirit. 💚 I admire this man and all that he has had to cope with, and still coping with it. He has a gift of helping one feel that things are going to be OK. 😑 I have bookedmarked this link to look at when needed again. 💛Thank you for this upload to share.🇨🇦

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    When i walk up stairs I look at every step

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    This is a good speech for many people who experience the symptoms of anxiety but have trouble understanding it It's still hard for those of us who understand anxiety and try to work through it and the situations that cause us anxiety and no matter how we look at it and work through it and tell ourself it's just a feeling it's not as bad as it seems that we just have to learn to work through things and despite what we feel change our perspective and our thoughts towards the things that cause us anxiety It's still there, so imagine constantly being put in the very situations that caused the anxiety and no matter what no matter the outlook no matter how this situation is pursued constantly by force we still end up feeling sick shaky racing heart feeling mildly disassociative. Just overall feeling sick due to facing the very situations that cause the anxiety to begin with daily by force what then is the answer to stopping the anxiety? Cuz so far there does not seem to be one and it's unfair because if anxiety is so bad that it stops a person from being able to function on a daily basis then that's extremely abnormal and intense and can lead to other problems like depression heart issues ETC over time depending on how bad it is now I know this video is not meant to treat anxiety but still a little depressing for someone who is very aware Surprisingly a lot of people who I guess are not self-aware really enjoyed this and it really somehow gave them A New perspective and ability to cope surprisingly Good video nonetheless and the speaker is pretty cute

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    Thank you so much for helping me🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 you have no idea how much you helped me🙏🏽

  • YouTube Addict
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    Thought I’d share my notes that I took from watching this amazing speech - 1. Refuse to believe that you’re ill. Anxiety is an emotion not an illness 2. Listen to your crew. Don’t push them away otherwise they will speak louder in order to be heard. When the crew stops shouting, the captain can be heard and that’s when your more logical thinking gets to have an input and you truly get to decide if this feeling is actually appropriate/helpful or not 3. Be kind to the crew. For all the criticism and negativity that you’ve received in your life, the person who has giving you the most is yourself. This has a cumulative effect of destroying the morale of your crew. A demoralised crew = low self-esteem To repair the damage, decide from now on to always talk to your crew (yourself) with positivity and kindness. People do their best when they feel empowered to achieve. If you beat yourself up, you just end up beat. If you build yourself up, who knows how far you can reach! It’s important to feel anxiety every day of our lives because it means that the crew are still sailing the ship and still trying to get it in the right direction. It’s the part of you that reminds you to check your keys before you leave the house, to re-read your messages before you hit send The first step to changing your experience is to accept it. Anxiety is a natural part of our human experience - once we stop seeing it as an enemy but as a trusted friend, we’ll be surprised how quickly the crew gets back to sailing the ship and we stop feeling less anxious about anxiety ❤️❤️❤️

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    I am anxious because I overthink my future

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    For mẹ at least, it's the anxiety itself i fear. The more I say 'try not to feel anxious, try not to think about' the more anxious i become. Acceptance of the anxiety is the only way to deal with it

  • Claudia Brandt
    Claudia Brandt3 hari yang lalu

    A wonderful talk full of wisdom and good advise, thank you Tim. Wished I had someone like you nearby whom I could talk to face to face.

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    Thank you Tim, this helped me a lot.

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    "A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for"

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    Thank you very very much we are taught that anxiety is a bad thing you’re correct. There are no good or bad emotions it’s what you do with those emotions that determine whether or not they’re good or bad I learned that in therapy. Were usually not taught that anxiety is an emotion that I can be use for a positive like anything else I really appreciate this it makes it easier for me to perform in front of others and to stand up comedy thank you

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    I've been studying ways of beating the fear of driving and discovered a fantastic resource at Roys Quick Fix (google it if you're interested)

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    I think I just fell in love with him.

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    My anxiety makes me nauseous and I have a phobia of throwing up so it makes me even more anxious. It’s the worst feeling ever.

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    Im so glad you made that dead person joke, I was starting to get anxious listening to you and that joke made me feel relief

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    If they had a device to hook up to my brain Id crash the whole system.

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    Anxiety is my bane, I found laser therapy did help at one point

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    "A medical solution to a non-medical problem . . . " That's the truth. Maybe in rare cases it's medical but anxiety has always been situational for me. Great talk.

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    Thank you soooo soooo much.

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    I love your anxiety Tim Box. 43 years ago doctors told me that I'd been in a bad road accident when waking from a long coma. That wasn't the bad news because they then told me I was paralysed from the neck down incurably but I felt really excited because I knew they were talking medical nonsense because God told me a different story during my coma. Although until then I'd been an electronic engineer, I overcame 70% brain damage by engaging with what was left of me and all my anxieties which got me off that bed eventually supporting and motivating other brain-injured people on the ward to walk, I embarked on a new career as a hypnotherapist. I teamed up with my anxiety to make my impossible my I'm possible.

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    I took a hit everytime he said anxiety, the taco bell streaming service has very interesting videos

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    What about anxiety before sleep it that important too..

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    feel hopeless for me to talk to my son whom suffers for the past 16 years

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    I had an anxiety attack and after calming down I searched for the topic and found this brilliant man!! Thank you for existing

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    Thank you so much. This was powerful. Bless you Tim 🍀✨

  • Kassidy Jones
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    I have my first orchestra concert in 3 days, it’s been so long since I’ve played for an audience because of Covid. My anxiety makes me shake 24/7 break out in red patches sometimes and makes me flinch whenever I’m in public. Wish me luck guys, I want the anxiety gone but in reality, I just need to learn how to deal with it!

  • Aisling D

    Aisling D

    12 hari yang lalu

    So has this talk helped? I hope so. It really helped me...anxiety is an emotion not an illness. We feel it when something is SO important to us...sit up and take notice of why it’s so important. Then acknowledge that, talk kindly to yourself, and try to live the experience. Use your breathing to help control how physical it feels. I played in an orchestra for 10 years so I know what you are feeling...I developed a mantra - one positive thought can knock out all the negative ones! Tell yourself “I’ve got this! I can do it and enjoy it!” Repeat x 1 million times. Good luck x

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    Wow better results then goin to the DAMN DR‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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    My doctors always gave me just meds. I had a bag panick attack few years ago it was terrible and O had a second one a few months later. Doctors don’t l ow how to help. I still have it but it’s manageable with meditation amd I take Rock Rose everyday few droplets in my drinks. Thanks for the explanation

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    Great work Tim. Thankyou!!!!!!!! 😎😚😚😚😚

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    Im training someone tomorrow, and its giving me anxiety. FML

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    How was it man?

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    How’d it go??

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    Just so you know that you spoke to me. Straight to my anxiety. Thanks

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    Anxiety: *creeping up* Me (Michael-Scott-style) : Well, well, how the turntables...

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    The drugs aren't doing enough help me lol :)

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    I have this nagging lump feeling all the time in my throat. its similar to when we are at the edge of crying but you cant.

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    One of the best videos I've watched for anxiety 👍🏻

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    If you need to be on something like lexapro to get ahold of things I feel like you should do it. Just for 6 months though just to get ahold of things. Also go to therapy while training your mind to fix the problem instead of just ignoring it. Don’t become dependent of something because you are stronger then you think and you can overcome this.

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    Lol i love that we’re all here trying to better ourselves.

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    This is excellent !!

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    I love the way he speaks. From the tone, to accent, to the way he articulates his speech to get the message across. It's beautiful.

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    This made me cry. It makes so much sense.

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    1. Still experience anxiety, no longer suffer from it - used to run away from situations where felt even some anxiety - you don't get rid of anxiety completely - without anxiety, we wouldn't know what's important 2. Who doesn't have anxiety - dead people and psychopaths - so why is anxiety bad? It can feel bad. 3. How are doctors constrained? 1. Time 2. Knowledge 3. Resources 4. This leads to medication - not a fan. Most medications have lots of side effects. Even if you find a perfect one, you are then dependent on that drug - this can lead to more anxiety 5. Anxiety is not a medical problem - it is not an illness and thinking it is is a big source of anxiety = thinking there is something wrong with you and worrying about your anxiety 6. Anxiety is an emotion - think of your mind like a ship. Your captain is the thinking brain. Your crew is the subconscious and your emotions. Your captain can tell the crew things but they might not get it right. The crew will things to avoid any danger they can see. 7. Anxiety is telling you something is important and you should pay attention to it 8. A ship in harbour is safe but that is not what ships are for 9. How I overcame social anxiety 1. Did not let myself believe I was ill, understand the actual triggers of your anxiety 2. Stop ignoring your crew - listen to what your anxiety is trying to achieve and turn your enemies into your friends. You can decide if emotions are appropriate or not. 3. Be kind to your crew - talk to yourself positively - self-esteem is your emotional core 10. If you get anxiety because you need to take the bins out, would you think that's an unnatural way to feel - stop feeling anxious about feeling anxious

  • João Sustelo
    João Sustelo24 hari yang lalu

    So little is known about anxiety... As a person who has dealt with many many years of extreme anxiety, depersonalization disorder, ruminant existencial thoughts and overcame A LOT of it without medication, it still triggers me to hear experts talk about "chronic anxiety" or "chronic depression" as if it is something you can do nothing about. It's refreshing to see this kind of videos!

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    I'm anxious about starting school since my teachers have high expectations on me and I get picked on for no reason.

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    There is anyways never a leggit reason to be picked on. Just love yourself and be happy that your teachers believe in you - so should you!

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    it was a nice talk. But it has many flaws in it that can be harmful to people suffering from psychological problems related to anxiety. - First I don't recall anyone calling anxiety an illness. But it can be a "Disorder" and it is a huge difference, and this means that someone is anxious without a legitimate reason, it is a Dis-Order = out of the normal Order - NO, anxiety is not, and should not be a reason or a motive for people to do things, we don't do what we do because we are anxious about it. we feel anxious in certain events for certain reasons. - I don't recall people going to any doctor because they feel anxious, usually you go to a psychiatrist, a therapist, and usually they do not treat you of anxiety, they treat you of the disorder: they guide you to put things back in "order" so you feel anxious when you need to, and feel relaxed when you do not. it can be with a help of pharmaceuticals, but no, usually it is with Cognitive Behavioral Methods. So, don't feel anxious about your anxiety, but if it is overwhelming ask for help, because it is really horrible and rarely can be treated by yourself if it became chronic. Much Love for all who suffers from disorders related to anxiety in our contemporary world

  • Rafał Rudnicki
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    "If we would get rid of anxiety, we would one emotion short of the full set - and that would be a disorder" - wow, that got well through my anxious mind

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    I enjoy anxiety i turned it into a drive I actually drink energy drink and vaporize cannabis concentrats to feel anxious once you feel it in a postive way it ' s a life hack

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    Well done. One of the best I’ve heard on anxiety. Thank you.

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    So when my anxiety tells me I can't breath and I am dying I should embrace it and go to the hospital? Doesn't seem correct.

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    Hello people living with anxiety I just want to say that I haven’t been extremely anxious for a while now and here I am at 3:35am with school in the morning and can’t sleep thinking about my past times with anxiety and being nervous and I thought about a few things that helped me short term and long term. Biggest short term help was humming it took my mind away from the negative thoughts I was having and I began to calm down and every now and then I would start to hum when I get that feeling of getting nervous or anxious to kind of clear my mind again and I would do that over and over. Long term now after a while of not humming and the anxiety seemed to go away for me and whenever I started feeling anxious I would tell myself I’m not dying because I’ve been through this before and if I would I would have already. I was at a low with it one night and shed a few tears as it makes me feel better. I started saying to myself just relax even though my heart is racing I just sit and relax till it’s over and I would say really understanding that I will die one day made it better as well. Well this is just a 16yo Caribbean guy trying to help others with this terrible disease as I truly know what it feels like. Goodnight or day to you all. Peace and love

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    And just a note I didn’t watch the video just left this here for anyone to come across🤙

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    And try to talking with someone about it worked for me may work for you as well

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    So far I have watched 2 Minutes, and I have never related to something so hard, Im not anxious about social situations, but with studying and homework, I don't want to get anxious so I run away, I play games, read, do anything to never feel that

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    i have always thought i was sick, that something was wrong with me. i kept ignoring it. as i grew up, it started getting worse. anxiety held me back from doing so many things in life and i feel like i missed a lot. i cant talk about it with anyone, no cares. i just keep ignoring it. i wanted to fix it but every morning i spend hours not able to get up. i moved to another country, and is getting worse with lockdowns and not knowing anyone. being lonely 24/7 makes me more tired. after reading the comments, i started crying hysterically for the first time in over 4 years. i feel a little better. i thought of ending it many times but too scared. i hope it gets better soon. thanks everyone for sharing

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    Wow this speech really spoke to me and I was in tears at the end because of how much this really hit me. I never looked at anxiety in this light but the way he words this and explains what anxiety really is for your body is unlike how anyone has ever explained anxiety before. This truly has changed how I view my anxiety and I believe if I think back to this video whenever I have bad anxiety I will be able to instantly calm down and start thinking rationally. Thank you for this incredible speech

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    I think rewards and punishments have a lot to do with emotional problems. See "Say "No," to Rewards and Punishment," #86-#88 on ID-get.

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    1. Refuse to believe it's an illness. 2. You are the captain. 3. Listen to your crew. They are trying to say something. 4. Talk to yourself with kindness and positivity. 5. Accept it.

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    @Crow Creative learn how to pay attention and get out of the comments. Your anxiety is meant to not leave you alone, it is apart of everyone that helps you decide between right and wrong

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    But what are they trying to say? I don't understand my anxiety at all and it wont leave me alone.

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    I literally gave myself anxiety I’m a bit of a hypochondriac ever since I was little It’s not extreme but enough to cause worry and ruin peace within myself Over the past year when I experienced depression for the first time I learned a lot about the mind, neural connections, habit, emotions, mental illnesses and all that and one that stuck out to me was panic attacks and anxiety, I had a fear of getting anxiety as it was closely related to depression So for over the past year and few months I’ve been worried about wether or not I have anxiety or gonna be anxious one day and then have to xanax like my mom And I literally argue with my self everyday about whether I’m good or not Literallt all day long non stop it’s just an argument justifying that I don’t have it But then I get concentrated on breathing and start to freak out that maybe I’m feeling anxious (Sounds silly and crazy) but it’s almost like ocd Anyways I am now at a point where I actually have it, last week had my first anxiety attack, and now i feel it more and more often But after knowing that it’s not an actual illness but rather a normal emotion i think I will get over it I’m feeling way better now And I hope y’all can get better as well

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    I remember never having bad anixety. Once covid hit I've completely lost my mind. Burning sensations body pains. Breaking down. It's took a toll on me. Honestly depression hit me super hard as well. This speech makes me feel a little more relaxed. I just want my life back. If I had to give all my money away just to feel great again I would.

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    Thank you so much for these insights!

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