Animator vs. Animation V (official)

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Animator vs. Animation Shorts 1-4, in one video, with edits for continuity, as well as some new music.
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Music by Scott Buckley, including "Icarus" -
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  • Ulises Gonzalez Jimenez
    Ulises Gonzalez Jimenez2 menit yang lalu

    8:27 goku

  • PEDRO 2007
    PEDRO 20078 menit yang lalu

    Lindo nunca achei que stikmeam poderia me animar

  • Perfect cut screams !
    Perfect cut screams !33 menit yang lalu

    The editing is awesome! This is the best editor I know.

  • Abdulrahman Gamal
    Abdulrahman Gamal50 menit yang lalu

    Best movie ever

  • Belgin Aslantaş
    Belgin AslantaşJam Yang lalu


  • Sobia Kouser
    Sobia KouserJam Yang lalu

    Fact: ViraBot is actually real.

  • Tedtheawesome
    TedtheawesomeJam Yang lalu

    how the internet works according to Alan Becker.

  • Sankalp Das
    Sankalp DasJam Yang lalu

    Ohh! Orange Is The Main Stick Figure So He Is Immortal And He Is Not Orange He Is Sc

  • Akim Zondi
    Akim ZondiJam Yang lalu

    30 mins I'll never regret spending👌💛

  • Amine Bou
    Amine BouJam Yang lalu

    i need this antivirus

  • KAREEM DX-كريم دي اكس
    KAREEM DX-كريم دي اكس2 jam yang lalu

    The legend is here 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JR DUDES2 jam yang lalu

    Ente mone poli sanam🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Агуша TV
    Агуша TV2 jam yang lalu

    Я тут один русский

  • Daniil Bogm 1th
    Daniil Bogm 1th3 jam yang lalu


  • Phatty Phiggs
    Phatty Phiggs3 jam yang lalu

    20:47 Seems Familiar😂

  • brother hh
    brother hh3 jam yang lalu

    More entertaining than avengers

  • Пашок Фермер
    Пашок Фермер3 jam yang lalu


  • GN realwolf
    GN realwolf3 jam yang lalu

    The best animation I ever see bro you are insane

  • Arav Taneja
    Arav Taneja3 jam yang lalu

    Amazing! The orange stickman finally found his powers!!!

    TOTTIP4 jam yang lalu

    я бы не только лайк поставил хочу продолжение

  • 李庆花
    李庆花4 jam yang lalu


  • i m krishna
    i m krishna4 jam yang lalu

    Legend knows,, this is reuploaded😎

  • Pizza Monkey
    Pizza Monkey4 jam yang lalu

    Bro, That was awesome !!!!!!!

  • Mr Meow
    Mr Meow4 jam yang lalu

    The people that disliked are just jealous of this animators skills

  • Mufferzin
    Mufferzin4 jam yang lalu

    Sou de Brasil eu amei sua edição vou ter um canal de Free Fire e as minhas edições de celular são ruins mais vou mim inspirar em vc mano 😓 se puder se inscrever no meu canal sou um Brasileiro fã de vc 💚🇧🇷 para ❤🤍🇺🇲

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson5 jam yang lalu

    Vira bot is relly rude rude

  • its crystal indigo
    its crystal indigo5 jam yang lalu

    i LOVE your vidoes

  • t0m1k3
    t0m1k35 jam yang lalu

    How can this be 100 times more epic than multi milion hollywood movie ? Simply AMAZING

  • Killion_black 321
    Killion_black 3215 jam yang lalu

    how much time did you spent on this. 10 years

  • Jezreel Caipilan
    Jezreel Caipilan5 jam yang lalu

    such amazing animation😍😍, i hope there's a movie in animation like this someday.😍

  • Tim Let's play
    Tim Let's play6 jam yang lalu

    this video is so amazing

  • 郑峻峰
    郑峻峰6 jam yang lalu

    Wow awesome

  • Tommy
    Tommy6 jam yang lalu


  • Денис Кондратьев
    Денис Кондратьев7 jam yang lalu


  • pandy gacha 2120
    pandy gacha 21207 jam yang lalu

    Did your PC explode? I will definitely explode then mah

  • R&N studio
    R&N studio7 jam yang lalu


  • Eric Iñiguez
    Eric Iñiguez8 jam yang lalu

    Rompieron la cuarta paret

  • Moinlino
    Moinlino8 jam yang lalu

    i have never seen so an graet animartion make more so cool animations

  • Benjie Agustin
    Benjie Agustin8 jam yang lalu

    Now lets wait for Animator Vs Animation VI

  • y Gamming
    y Gamming8 jam yang lalu

    That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  • Indra Maulana
    Indra Maulana8 jam yang lalu

    Did SC turn into a GOD thats seriosly a god and red O is a evil thats a PvP

  • PurplePotatoBro _
    PurplePotatoBro _8 jam yang lalu

    You know that when you can see their eyes for a split second something bad is gonna happen

  • builder PH Raid
    builder PH Raid9 jam yang lalu

    I know Orange is an immortal bc he is the different of her friends look at her head he is o head and her friend is fill of color so he is the god :D I know that :D

  • jayden Nguyen
    jayden Nguyen9 jam yang lalu

    The scarce kangaroo inversely pedal because pantyhose mathematically irritate worth a marvelous jam. roomy, crowded fine

  • TIPS channel
    TIPS channel9 jam yang lalu


  • Heresy Plays
    Heresy Plays11 jam yang lalu

    Top 10 Greatest animes of all time

  • Rey Dwi Yanto
    Rey Dwi Yanto11 jam yang lalu

    Orange MVP

  • kusnandi k'eito
    kusnandi k'eito11 jam yang lalu

    Keren abis

  • thu clan
    thu clan11 jam yang lalu


  • Sol
    Sol11 jam yang lalu

    Holy Shit this should be a movie!

  • Ana Cervantes
    Ana Cervantes11 jam yang lalu

    Me gustó mucho

  • Robot Klinton
    Robot Klinton12 jam yang lalu

    1:44 me when ever I play gta

  • Johnatan Gomes
    Johnatan Gomes12 jam yang lalu

    The best anime fights of 2021

  • K K
    K K12 jam yang lalu

    They are speaking the language of god

  • Swaggot43
    Swaggot4312 jam yang lalu

    Yo orange is starting to look alot like my witst at 27:09

  • Bleep Gaming
    Bleep Gaming12 jam yang lalu

    was that a rasengan

  • Tara Bryant
    Tara Bryant12 jam yang lalu

    this video is sponsered by nord vpn

  • Game's for me
    Game's for me12 jam yang lalu

    Where are the subtitles

  • Luis karma45
    Luis karma4512 jam yang lalu

    Ay agüien que abre español latino

  • howlingcommandose
    howlingcommandose12 jam yang lalu

    Now after watching this, I Do Not miss going to the theater. You just produced studio grade. No words and all was spoken. Just felt like I watched a full feature film.

  • Commander_Appo10
    Commander_Appo1012 jam yang lalu

    19:29, if you actually google, "Do a barrel Roll." The browser literally rolls clockwise/does a barrel roll.

  • Marcos Roberto Cuchar Guimarães
    Marcos Roberto Cuchar Guimarães13 jam yang lalu


  • Drago
    Drago13 jam yang lalu

    25:33 pov red: gets cool new saber thing black: gets friends UwU

  • Indran Arumugam
    Indran Arumugam13 jam yang lalu

    I love it

  • Verified
    Verified13 jam yang lalu

    those dislikes is people that think alan can only draw stick man

  • CaptainRemixer
    CaptainRemixer14 jam yang lalu

    Get this man the first ID-get oscar!

  • Hated Uzumaki
    Hated Uzumaki14 jam yang lalu

    I like how black was watching orange fly casuailly like he saw this before

  • Z3K3Gaming_YT
    Z3K3Gaming_YT14 jam yang lalu

    orange just existing: Hello were norton life lock

  • Zosh Blaze
    Zosh Blaze14 jam yang lalu

    I'd pay to watch it again Thank you Alan ❤️

  • Ka Fai Chan
    Ka Fai Chan15 jam yang lalu

    The general gentle icebreaker seemingly strengthen because time findingsinitially terrify besides a luxuriant tachometer. lyrical, loutish cattle

  • cinthya pedroza
    cinthya pedroza15 jam yang lalu

    I love the sounds it makes

  • Marlerys Santaella
    Marlerys Santaella15 jam yang lalu


  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen16 jam yang lalu


  • Future Omega Ranger
    Future Omega Ranger16 jam yang lalu

    I wanted black to become a friend too:, (

  • Andrew Shelly9255
    Andrew Shelly925516 jam yang lalu

    The people who disliked this video are the people who think that animations can not be good with stick figures. (They are wrong)

  • Andrew Shelly9255
    Andrew Shelly925516 jam yang lalu

    The final fight scene where orange wrecks evil red gives me goosebumps every time, and I love it.

  • Samuel Samuca
    Samuel Samuca17 jam yang lalu

    God god

  • Samuel Samuca
    Samuel Samuca17 jam yang lalu

    Dude ameizim

  • Doug The Doge
    Doug The Doge17 jam yang lalu


  • SpiritSlayer
    SpiritSlayer18 jam yang lalu

    The part where orange got powers made me get some chills

  • Ernesto Menjivar
    Ernesto Menjivar18 jam yang lalu

    Nadie: Mis bullys en mi escuela : 5:10 Yo CTM: 5:20 El profesor defendiendo amis bullys: 5:57

  • MasterYoda 880
    MasterYoda 88018 jam yang lalu

    that was the amazing fair play

  • last breath sans phase 2
    last breath sans phase 218 jam yang lalu

    Who gave orange super power?

  • chan &gaming
    chan &gaming18 jam yang lalu

    Alan- this. this is incredible. truly incredible.

  • GenesyProx
    GenesyProx18 jam yang lalu


  • i am ømņıpřęşəñţ
    i am ømņıpřęşəñţ19 jam yang lalu

    Stck figure: Endgame

  • Strange Grau
    Strange Grau19 jam yang lalu

    This has to be most powerful computervirus in history

  • Noah Quillin
    Noah Quillin19 jam yang lalu

    all the way to 9:11

  • Slime Blox
    Slime Blox19 jam yang lalu

    Nice job

  • Noah Quillin
    Noah Quillin19 jam yang lalu

    my fav part was 8:44

  • Jack Burnes
    Jack Burnes19 jam yang lalu

    This is like a dragon ball z movie but no screaming

  • Nazma Begum
    Nazma Begum19 jam yang lalu

    Plz make a 2nd part

  • Jon_G_4444 king
    Jon_G_4444 king19 jam yang lalu

    Orange: i have the high ground

  • Mark Black1856
    Mark Black185620 jam yang lalu

    Animator vs. Animator VI Please!

  • Feet Friends
    Feet Friends20 jam yang lalu

    This deserves 0 dislikes not 18k dislikes 🤦‍♂️

    FALLEN ANGEL21 jam yang lalu


  • TheHoneyBee
    TheHoneyBee21 jam yang lalu

    Ahh Alan Becker and the chosen finally working together after years of rivalship

  • Dima Ogilko
    Dima Ogilko21 jam yang lalu

    It like anime

  • tiny kitten
    tiny kitten21 jam yang lalu

    Mom:wats ur favorite anime Me: it's complicated

  • Ayush Kunverji
    Ayush Kunverji21 jam yang lalu

    Is there going to be a part VI? Subscribe and like to find out.